Call for artists in Hong Kong, China & the Middle East

tumblr_n3q0fqIVJf1rnnvi8o1_1280Intermodal Flow: Ship placement, exhibition & public programme

We are currently looking for two artists (from China and the Middle East) who would like to join Delta Arts artist Emma Smith on a 28-day container ship passage from Hong Kong to Southampton in 2015.

The placements are part of Intermodal Flow, our project on the containerised maritime trade routes that represent the hidden plumbing of globalisation. Our idea is to develop Intermodal Flow as a mobile platform for artist exchange using passenger places available on container ships. Inspired in part by the Artist Placement Group in the 1960s, our vision is a combination of a site-specific residency, a collective-workshop, and an international artists’ think tank. As such there is scope for collective dialogue and collaboration as well as individual research and practice.

Interested artists are invited to enquire to Oliver Sumner (


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